Please Note:

  • Please read the access report for current conditions as they are constantly changing.
  • Reservation requests are best made at least two weeks before your intended visit.
  • The only way to guarantee access to Goldmyer is by making a reservation.
  • Access to the Goldmyer property is limited to 20 people per day.


Goldmyer Hot Springs is a gem of the wilderness found nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, roughly 25 miles east of North Bend, WA.

Visiting Goldmyer is a wilderness experience where guests are expected to pack in (and out) all necessary supplies.

Amenities provided to visitors by Goldmyer are limited but include an open-air cabana at the hot spring pools, campsites with food hanging lines and containers, two stocked outhouses, two public picnic tables, and a bike rack.

Visitors gain access to rugged wilderness terrain, hiking trails through old growth forest, beautiful waterfalls, and a crystal clear natural geothermal hot spring.

Goldmyer is owned and managed by Northwest Wilderness Programs, a nonprofit organization established in 1976 to protect this treasure of the wilderness for the use of generations to come.

Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

July 26th, 2016

Please view our Road Closure page for details.

MIDDLE FORK ROAD IS CLOSED ON WEEKDAYS through SEPTEMBER 2016. No vehicles or foot traffic is allowed on the road during closure times. Friday visitors may be delayed waiting for the pilot car starting at noon.

The alternate hiking route to Goldmyer (option #3) during mid-week road closures is recommended for advanced hikers only throughout summer. The current conditions are reportedly clear of most snow, but hikers can expect some downed trees. It is always a better idea to call and make a reservation with the office, especially if you are new to visiting Goldmyer. Should you choose to hike to Goldmyer via the Snow Lake Trail, be prepared with appropriate gear and allow for a 6-8 hr one-way hike from the Pass.

For the Drive

You must have a HIGH-GROUND-CLEARANCE vehicle to reach the trail head all year round; trucks and SUVs with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive ONLY, good tires, a spare tire, shovel & work gloves (in case you get stuck), and a saw or axe for fallen trees are all necessary. There is NO cell service or GPS shortly after exiting I-90, and the 18 mile partially paved road to the trail head is NOT monitored for people in distress. It is very rough and potholed. Keep track of your mileage in case you don't get your vehicle all the way to the trail head. Give yourself plenty of time.

For the Hike

Option #1: After driving to reach the Dingford trail head and parking area (Fri - Sun only), please follow instructions for hiking option #1 (4.5 miles each way). Be prepared for possible water flowing over the trail in one place. This route is fairly flat with only a slight incline before reaching the Goldmyer property. Mountain bikers should use this route.

Option #2: After driving to the Dingford trail head and parking area (Fri - Sun only), hiking via the Middle Fork trail is more rugged and will take longer (5+ miles each way). The river crossing is more challenging this season due to the downed tree crossing which now only partially spans the swift moving water.

Always have good hiking shoes/boots and bring a headlamp/flashlight and extra batteries even if you're just vising for the day. Cell phones are NOT a good alternative to a headlamp as the battery will not last. Give yourself plenty of time.

Option #3: As mentioned above, this hiking route is VERY difficult and is over 10 miles each way at high-elevation from various connections. It is only recommended for experienced hikers. It is not suitable for day use visitors, overnight campers only. Please visit to research hikes.

Always Remember:

  • Make a reservation before planning your visit.
  • Monitor the weather throughout the week approaching your visit.
  • Be prepared for the worst case scenario as conditions change quickly!