Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

  • All visitors (over 12 years old) must be vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Proof of vaccination is required at check in. No exceptions (we cannot accept a negative test instead).
  • Goldmyer is a clothing optional hot springs and nudity is allowed.
  • Mixed groups will be sharing the pools and soaking together (except for Tuesdays).

January 21, 2022:


The springs are currently are OPEN. However access is still challenging.

If you have a reservation and wish to cancel based on current conditions, please respond to the email that was sent to you, or call the office.

If you have a reservation and wish to attempt to visit:

  • The current estimated hike is 13+ miles (one way) from Pratt River Bar. There is a lot of snow on the trail and you must have snow shoes or X-country skis. Other foot traction (micro spikes, Yaktrax, etc) are not enough, you will create "post holes". There is over 3 feet of snow on the property.
  • The road is only plowed to Pratt River Bar.
  • HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE VEHICLES (15" clearance or more) with 4WD and snow chains are NECESSARY to get to Taylor River/Middle Fork Campground (past Pratt River Bar).
  • The remaining 6+ miles of dirt road (to the Goldmyer trailhead) are not plowed and diving may be very challenging. You will likely have to walk or ski it.
  • We recommend bringing essential emergency tools listed in your reminder email.

Please monitor local weather conditions (North Bend, Middle Fork Valley, and lower Snoqualmie, etc). Goldmyer is at about 2,000 ft elevation.

TRAVEL TIME is 6-7 hrs (each way) from Seattle/Tacoma area. This includes DRIVING + HIKING because check in is on the property, not at the trailhead.

USE THE DIRECTIONS THAT WERE EMAILED TO YOU. Do not rely on GPS or other apps (even hiking apps), they may send you a different route!

If you are coming from East of the mountains Snoqualmie Pass can be closed at times. Check WSDOT Snoqualmie Pass I-90 for info. However, typically even if the pass is closed, Goldmyer is still open. If you are coming from the West side of the mountains, the exit is prior to the pass and shouldn't affect your commute.

Middle Fork Valley Weather Information

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