Northwest Wilderness Programs maintains caretakers at Goldmyer Hot Springs year round to assure our preservation goals for the property. Caretakers live on the property 24/7. Duties include check-in and management of our visitors as well as cleaning and maintenance of facilities. Caretaking at Goldmyer provides a unique opportunity to live and work in one of the last remaining old-growth forested areas in the Pacific Northwest.

We require a 2-person couple or team who have a time-tested and good working relationship. There is a small off the grid, well-endowed cabin for the caretakers to live in (utilities provided). Various time periods are available depending on experience and need. Candidates must have good people and communication skills in addition to having a positive attitude and clean well-kept appearance. Candidates must have a basic mechanical aptitude, be self motivated, willing to work hard, and able to live in a remote (and at times isolated) mountainous location.

If you are interested in caretaking at Goldmyer Hot Springs, or have any questions about the job, send us an email ( Include a cover letter that explains any past experiences that relate to living and working in a back-country setting, and if you have visited Goldmyer. Also include your resumes and references.